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On this page, you’ll find lots of tips; from CV formatting problems and CV proof-reading tools to issues relating to how far back a CV should go, common mistakes, and spelling errors. You’ll also be able to learn more about why your CV is not securing interviews.

General CV Tips

Five Simple Steps to Prepare a CV for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Personal Profiles for CVs
Are You / Your CV Alienting Recruiters?
Things Recruiters Don't Want to See in a CV or Resume
CV Preparation Using the STAR Method
Preparing a CV for Jobs in the Middle East
Reducing Pages in a CV
Self-Employed and Need a CV
Stay at Home Parent CV
Writing a CV for Coming Out of Retirement
Five Ways To Make Your CV Stand Out
What Makes a Good CV?
Writing a CV After a Career Break
Improve a CV with Power Verbs

CV Writing Strategies

CVs for Contractors Following Changes to IR35
Strategies for Writing a Non-Executive Director (NED) CV
5 Steps to the Perfect Achievements-Based CV
Writing A CV With Little (Or No) Experience
How To Prepare Your CV For A Job Board
SEO Principles For Your CV and LinkedIn Profile
Heading, Titles and Straplines in a CV
Dumbing Down a CV
Reasons For Leaving on a CV
Dealing with being Overqualified on a CV

CV Formatting

Effective Use of White Space in a CV
Using White Font on a CV to Cheat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
What Font Should I Use on a CV?
CV Design: The Quadrant Method
Using QR Codes on a CV

Disability and Illness

Disclosing Dyslexia On a CV: Yes or No?
Mentioning Disability on a CV
Returning to Work After Illness and Writing a CV
Make The Most of a Spotty CV - Explaining Gaps in Employment

Common Questions

Should I Mention I was Sacked on my CV?
Should I Include a Photo on my CV?
Criminal Record: Should I Include it on a CV?
Should I Lie on my CV?
CV Hobbies: What Should You Do?
How Personal Should Your CV Be?

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