Should I Include Reasons For Leaving On My CV?

Your CV’s main purpose is to promote you, your skills, experience and achievements in the punchiest way possible. A CV should be 100% positive, and therefore, should not include reasons for leaving. However, you should always be prepared to answer this question in an interview situation!

We often see CVs where the candidate has written, ‘Reason for leaving: made redundant’. You should avoid including this sort of information in your CV as they add no value to marketing you as a candidate. In addition, should you progress through the application process; the recruiter will normally address issues such as reasons for leaving then.

Your questions

I have been asked by a recruitment company to include reasons for leaving on a CV. What can I put?

The key here is to refrain from sounding negative. Answers such as, ‘I got bored’, or ‘I didn’t agree with Company policies’ (yes, we do see them), should be avoided at all costs! Consider some reasons that could be looked upon as a positive – maybe you’re leaving to progress your career?

I have been asked to include reasons for leaving but the reasons are far from simple. Where on the CV can I explain my reasons behind leaving?

For this situation, it is best just to say, ‘will discuss at interview’, rather than cluttering your CV with this sort of information.

My situation is slightly different. Basically, the reason for me leaving is actually going to be beneficial to my application towards new employment. How do I deal with this?

As with the above question, you should consider including, ‘open for discussion at interview’. In addition, if you really feel the reason is important, mention it in your cover letter.

Should I include reasons for leaving on an American-style resume?

No. As with a CV, a resume should only include positive details that effectively market you as a potential employee.

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