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What will our CV review tell you?

Information relating to structural problems, content positioning and terminology
Personalised analysis of your CV, looking for appropriate content and style
Professional opinion on the appearance and overall layout of your CV
Advice on how to handle red flags, such as gaps in employment
Details of any spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies

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Common questions

Do you run my CV through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
No. There are multiple ATS, and each one processes data differently. So instead, every CV is manually reviewed by one of our Consultants.

How long will the CV review take?
Because we manually review every CV, our feedback can take up to four business hours.

How do you critique my CV?
One of our Consultants will make notes directly within your CV using annotations/comments.

What files do you accept when submitting my CV for review?
We accept all major file types, including PDF, Word, Google Docs and Pages.

How can I order a full rewrite if I still need help after the CV review?
Orders can be made directly via our site. Our Consultant can guide you on the most appropriate package.

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- Established in 2001
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