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Achievement-based CV for senior roles

A Director-level executive CV must successfully communicate your value so that the salary you’re offered mirrors your experience – this is where we come in.

Our in-house team will prepare your CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter with content strategically supporting both your focus and your value proposition. Our highly qualified CV writers will play a key role in showcasing your distinguished background using high-impact CV designs, combined with clever keyword placement.

Officially the UK's top-rated Director-level CV writers!

We also have experience of creating CVs tailored towards both permanent and interim positions. The permanent / interim distinction is critical as many agencies require specific format variations.

Executive package - what's included?

small CV Achievement-based CV for senior roles
letter-doodle Targeted & speculative cover letter
robot doodle CV keyword optimisation for ATS
LinkedIn-logo LinkedIn profile re-write
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Executive CV Service FAQs

How many pages should an executive CV be?

You’ve probably already been told that a CV shouldn’t be more than two pages. For Director-level CVs, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply. Senior-level candidates tend to have more experience than other candidates. Therefore, a three- or four-page CV is perfectly acceptable – particularly if you have a technical background.

Who is this service for?

Our executive service is for clients seeking senior-level positions. Examples include: CEO, CTO, CFO, Company Director, Operations Director, IT Director, Marketing Director and Business Development Director. If you’re not sure, please contact us first, or submit your CV for a free evaluation.

Can I see some example executive CVs?

Sure: examples of Director-level CVs

More About Executive CVs

Should I create multiple variations of a CV for Director-level jobs?

Ideally, yes. If you’re targeting a specific vacancy, you’ll need to stay on point throughout the CV. For example: if you are applying for a job as Marketing Director, but some of your career covers IT, place more of a focus on the relevant employment and keep the “target” consistent throughout. If you’ve got a mix of experience, and aren’t targeting one particular role, a speculative version of your CV should work fine (and can be tweaked later if needed).

First impressions count!

As with any CV, the first impression is the most important (and probably more so when applying for Director-level vacancies). A clean and easy-to-read executive CV format is imperative. Avoid opting for overly-fancy formatting or images.

Value proposition through numbers

Competition is fierce. In 2016 Business Insider UK published figures on applications per role. Morgan Stanley, for example, received 8,000 applications for around 100 positions in one year.


We will create a CV to effectively leverage and promote your quantifiable achievements (rather than being purely skills and responsibilities based). An executive CV should show what you did, why you did it, and how this made a difference. As Peter states in the video above, rewriting “responsible for increasing sales”, to: “increased sales by 45% in six months through the introduction of targeted promotional campaigns” is a quick and easy way to increase your CV's impact.

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