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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is fast becoming a powerful recruitment tool, with 35 million members spanning 140+ industries globally. Many recruiters are actively encouraging the use of LinkedIn as a job-hunting resource; allowing you to improve your ability to excel in your current role while also nurturing your influence and 'marketability' for the future.

Unlike a CV, LinkedIn introduces you to a network, and not to a human resources department. As with normal networking events, you wouldn't just hand-out your CV to people you didn't know; instead, you would introduce yourself. Similarly, your LinkedIn profile should be created with this in mind - describing your experiences and qualities as you would to someone you had just met in person.

With over 85% of companies now using LinkedIn to support their recruitment efforts (source: HeliosHR), an effective profile can be a powerful tool. As with a CV, and other digital job search resources; LinkedIn uses a search function for recruiters to identify 'keywords'. If your profile doesn't effectively target the market you're in, you could be missing out!

Do I need help re-writing my LinkedIn profile?

We will utilise expertise gained from CV writing, coupled with our industry knowledge to help extract all relevant details, focusing on keywords to enhance your online exposure to potential recruiters and ensuring a strict balance between online promotion and discretion.

What we will do:

  • Re-write your profile (targeted towards a specific role / industry if needed)
  • Provide a comprehensive report on aspects of your profile that need improvement
  • Search for, and advise on groups relevant to your sector and experience

Order Instructions:

LinkedIn reviews are priced individually and can be ordered at checkout with any CV package.

If you'd like to order a LinkedIn review alone, contact us for pricing.

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