Proofreading Your CV

Too many people rely on Microsoft Word’s built-in spell check system. Each day, we view CVs with errors which could have been prevented by proofreading. Common errors we see in CVs include:

  • martial instead of marital
  • Manger instead of Manager
  • liased instead of liaised

In addition, we often see CVs where the spell check has been set as US English rather than UK English. This results in words such as: “recognized” instead of “recognised” and “color” instead of “colour”.

Other areas to watch out for:

  • Confusion in the use of “their” and “there”
  • Not using a capital letter for “I”
  • Putting “i” and “e” the wrong way round, e.g.: “freind”, rather than “friend”
  • Missing out letters (often in the middle of words)

Many people find it hard to spot spelling mistakes on their CV when reading text on a computer screen, so it’s a good idea to proofread your CV after printing it out on paper. Also, consider asking someone else to check over your CV for errors.

Proofreading tips:

  • Be methodical and check one line at a time
  • Cultivate a healthy sense of doubt – if you know you make certain mistakes, keep an eye out for them
  • Don’t start proofreading your CV straight after writing it
  • Concentrate on one word at a time
  • Read what is ON the page, not what you THINK is on there (maybe the hardest part of proofreading)
  • Try reading your CV aloud – this often helps spot errors
  • Proofread your CV in a quiet environment, away from any distractions
  • Spend as much time as possible proofreading your CV

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