CV Spelling Mistakes

As you’re probably already aware, a small mistake in your CV will not help in your search for a new job. Sometimes, the smallest error will result in the recruiter discarding your CV before they have even looked through it completely! Some simple mistakes include:

  • Receieved a plague for the highest monthly sales figures
  • Dealt tactfully with any arousing complaints
  • Played a key role in ruining a flagship store
  • Succesfully lurnt a new computer system
  • Martial status – single
  • Manged a team of 30 staff

This is a quote from The Times, “NINE out of ten graduates are turned down for a job because their CVs are full of errors of spelling and grammar, according to a study released today. Graduates and final-year students who are willing to get into debt in order to study at university are ill-equipped to get a job that will enable them to pay off their loans, Lewis, a public relations and marketing company, has found. It analysed more than 1,000 applications from undergraduates and graduates seeking trainee positions. More than 90 per cent of applicants had disqualified themselves before the end of the first page of the CV.”

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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