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Never send a CV without a cover letter!

Cover letters provide you with the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself in a few short paragraphs, briefly outlining your skills, qualifications, experience and availability, with the aim of enticing the employer to read your CV.

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A good start with a cover letter is to know about the organisation you're applying to. To be able to compile a targeted cover letter you will need to have a good knowledge of the organisation, including its products, history and culture. Personalising your cover letter in line with the employer you're applying to will show your interest in the job.

A lot of people feel that their CV speaks for itself, and that you don’t need to send a cover letter. However, always keep in mind that there are many qualified people applying for the same job; you have to learn how to make your application stand out. Writing a great cover letter is an excellent way to do so and is a great introduction to your CV!

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