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Our entry level CV service is ideal if you are currently studying or have recently graduated, and have little or no employment history.

Graduate opportunities increased slightly in 2024 following a significant 32% decline in 2023 (*source: the Institute of Student Employers). The job market remains tough for entry-level jobseekers (despite this slightly more positive outlook). Skills-based recruitment and the ever-growing integration of AI are key factors. Therefore, an attention-grabbing CV is essential if you’re to stand out from other recent graduates.

Our in-house team of specialist graduate CV writers will utilise expert awareness of graduate recruiter requirements gained over the past 20 years to identify your strengths and promote to potential employers what you have achieved; be it academically, professionally or personally.

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3-Step Order Process

Step 1: Data Gathering

We'll gather your documentation, target roles and discuss concerns.

Step 2: Writing

CV creation starts. Stay in touch with your Consultant through phone or email.

Step 3: Review and Finalise

Review your CV and request any adjustments. Benefit from one year of ongoing support.

Quick Entry-Level CV Tips

The primary objective of a graduate CV is to demonstrate your motivation, academic achievements and goals.

Academic Focus: Recruiters will look to invest in your recent qualifications to prepare you for a position in their company. Employers won't expect you to possess years of experience on your CV, rather that you can demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, and a positive attitude. This can be achieved by including details of projects and dissertations that you have worked on - showcasing skills needed for the role.

Academic Achievements: Unless you have employment that is more recent and relevant than your qualifications, follow your opening profile with details of your academic achievements – including the university, dates, title of your degree, and all relevant modules.

Transferable Skills: Provide evidence of your transferable skills by including all unrelated paid experience. For example: although your part-time Sales Assistant job might not relate to your chosen career path, this period can be used to highlight skills, such as communication, team collaboration, and organisation, which are all transferable into any role.

Unpaid Experience: Have you gained any unpaid (but relevant) experience? If so, include it! Just because you were not paid, doesn't mean you shouldn't include details of the skills you gained.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Usually, extra-curricular activities are not needed in a CV unless they relate to the position you're applying for. However, in a graduate/entry-level CV, you should provide details of any extra-curricular activities that can be used to highlight your motivation/achievements.

CV Length: Entry level CVs are usually expected to be one or two pages.

My new CV is nothing short of amazing, better than I expected, I have lots of confidence it will help me secure an interview and I'm more aware of strengths I had but my previous CV never showed Kieran S., Trustpilot reviewer


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