CV Types and Examples - Page 2

CVs for Charity and Third Sector Jobs - What's Needed?

For roles in the nonprofit sector (including charities and NGOs), CVs are often evaluated differently than commercial recruiters. Read more about this.

Crafting a CV or Resume for Veterinary Roles

We guide you through building a CV that showcases your strengths, personality, and competence for a veterinary role.

Writing a CV for Nursing Jobs

Navigating the nursing profession demands a CV that resonates with care, competence, and commitment. Our article shares insights to cultivate a CV that stands out in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Writing an International CV

Read our expert advice on diverse elements (such as format, language, and cultural nuances) to build a CV ready to unlock doors to international opportunities. 🌍🚪🔑

Crafting The Perfect Business Analyst CV

This guide provides strategies to showcase your analytical acumen, technological prowess, and project management skills, ensuring your CV becomes a powerful tool in unlocking opportunities in business analysis.

CV Tips for the Procurement Sector

Here, we'll guide you through crafting a CV that reflects not only your ability to optimise costs and improve supplier relationships but also your vision for driving commercial success through effective procurement strategies.

How to Write a CV for Tradespeople

Are you a tradesperson and struggling to know where to start with your CV? Look no further! 🛠️🚪🔓

Identifying Skills for Education Sector CVs

You're an Architect of minds and shaper of futures. Here, we'll help you build a CV that mirrors those qualities, and your passion for education. 🍎📚🚪

Creative CVs - Too Much?

Here, we explore the boundaries of creativity, helping applicants discern when imaginative flourishes enhance a CV's appeal and when they overshadow essential content. 🎨📄

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