CV Tips For The Procurement Sector

The procurement sector thrives on multiple strands of expertise and it is important to get each and every one of these across in your CV. Above all, it must reflect the achievements you have successfully attained and without doubt, they must be quantifiable.

At first blush, your CV should be riddled with cost savings in monetary terms and percentages. It should accurately reflect your negotiation ability and back up claims of expenditure reduction. When constructing your sentence think, what, how much and how.

What: What exactly have you achieved? For example: Dramatically reduced telecommunications costs…..
How much: Exactly how much have you saved or decreased by? Dramatically reduced telecommunications costs by 36%….
How: Explain in succinct detail how you achieved it. Dramatically reduced telecommunications costs by 36% through contract renegotiations that secured a 3 year fixed package at revised unit costs.

Other important areas to discuss are your capabilities to manage supply chains, continually oversee contractual obligations and where applicable source and finalise new contractors. This will give evidence to a growing chain of contacts that new employers will find highly desirable.

Communicating the crucial and strategic role procurement plays in business is vital and your CV needs to identify your ability with figures and statistical data as well as commercial awareness. These are the hard-core skills that will stand out from your resume. Getting across the softer skills of buying is equally important such as persuading, influencing, tenacity and persistence, understanding people, building relationships and taking the lead. Procurement, in effect, is one of the few departments that can look across all areas of a company and you should try, where applicable to relay your experience on advising bidding strategies, driving negotiations, strategic partnerships/deals all of which support the creation of revenue.

The CV in the main will follow the same format and course as a regular role, but the above key points must noticeably project your skills, expertise and success. It will also become apparent that due diligence is a key factor, so ensure that your grammar and spelling are 100% accurate, as small mistakes can reduce potential employers confidence in your ability, even if it is unrelated.

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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