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Marketing your CV Directly to Employers

What happens if you want to break away from the industry you currently work in and have no contacts within the organisations you have identified that you want to work for. This is when the work begins.

CV Alternatives: Let Them Learn Your Name

The CV is just one way of getting a possible employer’s attention. The problem with it is that it is inherently limited and linear. It can only be fashioned for a specific purpose, limiting its appeal to people targeted by the information within.

Strategies to Effectively Tailor Your CV and Cover Letter

If your CV and cover letter directly address the job’s requirements and showcase how well you can meet them, your chances of getting an interview invite increase dramatically.

Interim Management Job Guide

Vivian Silverman is an Interim Manager. He works on a number of projects each year, implementing change within different companies.

Temporary Jobs: A Golden Opportunity

Most people focus on applying to full-time jobs because they provide more long-term security. However, by ignoring temporary work you might be denying yourself good opportunities. More importantly, you may be denying yourself a full-time job in the long run.

Today's Temporary Job Prospects

Temporary jobs, once seen as “last resort” options, are now gaining more in popularity between both employees and employers than ever before. Job security and stability, once cherished ideals, are concepts that are arguably fast becoming outdated and irrelevant in a world where flexibility, specialisation, and outsourcing are the new names of the game.

Four Things to Help You Become A Happy Employee

It’s been said many times that employees are the driving force of any business. So if your employees are happy to be working for you, your business will have a much better chance at success.

Gap Years and Voluntary Experience

Around a quarter of a million people take a gap year. This time should not be used as an excuse to take things easy – trying to explain this gap to a potential employer when you weren’t doing anything worthwhile may be hard to explain.

Are You A Management Candidate?

Hard work, dedication, and job skills are all important when it comes to a successful management candidate, but companies look for other specific traits as well.

Working from Home: Do You Have What It Takes?

For family reasons, personal satisfaction and economy, working from home is an attractive option. On various practical grounds, home working is not suitable for everyone.

Working From Home: Dealing With Noise And Distractions

For people who work at home, those pesky people who live in your house can be a major distraction. Here’s how to deal with the noise and still get work done.

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