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Uploading your CV to job-sites can be a frustrating task, equally applying for various roles and not getting any response is enough to chip away at your confidence. We need to change the approach. Flip the process on its head and start thinking like a recruitment consultant. 50% of their job is to FIND you a position. In this economic climate, they have to do their research, get their foot in the door of potential companies and seek out upcoming roles. This needs to become 50% of your new job.

It’s important to remember that your CV is your sales and marketing tool, it is there to promote you and secure you an interview. In order for any marketing to be effective, it needs to be targeted and to facilitate the successful outcome, in essence, you need to do your market research. What industry are you currently in? If this something that you wish to stay involved with, the most obvious place to start would be your competitors. You know these, better than an outsider! Perhaps you even have contacts. The comforting news here is that employers will most likely choose from candidates with existing industry experience.

But what happens if you want to break away from the industry you currently work in and have no contacts within the organisations you have identified that you want to work for. This is when the work begins. Identify which person is DIRECTLY responsible for hiring for your role. These are the only people that will take a genuine interest in your CV. Larger organisations with HR departments will only put you through a process or file your CV away, never to be seen again. Find out the name of your future boss. In many cases, directing your post to the equivalent job title of your current boss will work, but better to source the actual name.

You can find out a lot of relevant information via LinkedIn. Not only job titles, names etc. but reading through testimonials and profiles you can get a feel for their personalities. Perhaps social networking sites will provide more of an insight and in some cases twitter can be useful to strike up conversation. Highly important when you make the phone call to support your CV.

That’s right; the biggest step is MAKING THE CALL. You have to follow up. Do not avoid this part of the process as that is what everyone else is doing. 24 hours after they would have received your CV, ring! Do not ring until you are completely clear of what you are going to say. Asking if they have a vacancy will result in a resounding no and guess what…. Efforts wasted, phone call ended! Utilising your networking skills, sales ability and closing techniques, you should be able to build rapport and remember you are playing the long game.

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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