Resignation letters and examples

Resigning from your job is never easy – no matter how much you want to leave! Using a resignation letter will help to ensure you leave on good terms…after all, you may need your current employer as a future reference.

It’s completely down to you how long / short your resignation letter is. You could get straight to the point in just 1 / 2 paragraphs or maybe explain your reasons for leaving in a more detailed letter. NEVER use your resignation letter to tell your boss what you really think of them!!!

Before handing your letter in, check you’ve stated the exact date you will be ending your contract – details of your notice period will be found in your contract. Some recruiters will let you use your remaining holiday days to enable you to leave sooner, (if the need arises).

Made a mistake? Been offered better conditions?…Sometimes, after resigning, your current employer will offer you an improved package to entice you to stay at their company. Again, you’ll need a letter for this situation too.

For an example resignation letter, feel free to email us: We can also check over your pre-prepared resignation / resignation retraction letters free of charge.

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