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The feeling of being nervous is something that happens to all of us, and during an interview, it’s no different…sweaty palms, butterflies and a dry mouth are all part of the ‘interview experience’.

There is no magic cure to interview nervousness, however, follow these simple tips below to make the experience that little bit easier.

Prepare! Going to an interview fully equipped is one of the best ways to prevent feeling nervous. Practise answering some common interview questions and prepare some questions to ask about the company / position you’re applying for. Swat up on the company’s background to prevent any potential embarrassments.

Plan your journey well in advance! Once you’ve been given your interview date, plan how you’re going to get there. If needed, make use of online services, such as streetmap – especially if you’re not familiar with the area. Without planning, you could find you’ll end up getting to the interview late, and this will just add to your feeling of nervousness.

Deep breaths! If you’re panicking, the likelihood is that you’ll be short breathed. Before going into the interview, take some deep breaths. When in the interview, talk slowly and clearly.

Drop your shoulders! When talking, try to drop your shoulders as this will help increase the feeling of being relaxed, and if your body feels relaxed, so should you. Body language plays a key role in the first impression you give to the recruiter!

Remember, nerves aren’t necessarily a bad thing and adrenaline is often a good thing, as it will help keep you on your toes.

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