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Jobs are like opinions. Most people have them but not very many are worthwhile. So how do you manage to find a way to love your job? How do you find a way to turn something tedious into something you love? Here are a few tips for how to arrive at a place where you love your job.

When faced with the prospect of working in one vocation potentially for the rest of your life, it is important to first sit down and consider your options. What kind of work do you see yourself doing? What kind of work would make you feel satisfied that you are maximising your talents and achieving your career goals?

Choose the right job. The number one complaint of people who are dissatisfied with their vocations is that their job doesn’t suit them. They may be in the wrong field or they may have been too hasty when accepting a job offer, and they find that they are stuck in a situation that they find uninspiring. Take the time to be thorough so that you can find the right job for you. Do not accept the first opportunity that comes along as you may wind up regretting that decision. Give yourself the greatest opportunity for success by aligning yourself in the correct field and at a place of employment conducive to your needs as an employee.

Once you have figured out what vocation best suits you, and once you have found the right employer for you, it’s time to begin counting your blessings. Try to remind yourself every single day that you “get” to do your job. You don’t “have to” do it – you “get” to do it. This expression is very powerful. It helps remind you that there are other options out there for you, but they aren’t the right ones. Reminding yourself daily of your choice will build up mental support of that choice and help guard your thoughts against the onslaught of doubt that may seep into your mind.

Every time you make a purchase, remind yourself that the money that you used came from the job you have. It’s helpful to see a tangible item as a result of your hard work. Regardless of the price of the item, you will learn to understand the value of the time that you spend at work.

Do your best at work and make your performance something to be proud of. People are naturally inclined towards liking things that they are good at, and if you’re thriving in your workplace then your feelings towards it will be more positive than if you’re floundering. Keep yourself active and engaged in your workplace, ever with your eye on doing a great job, and the hours will fly by. Your brain will be engaged and you will be interested in what you’re doing.

Take some time to look at the number of unemployed people in your area. When your job seems to drain the life from you, and you’re wondering if it’s worth it to continue showing up, stop for a moment and consider those who are without jobs and would gladly take yours. Sometimes we are unhappy with our jobs because we don’t have an adequate appreciation of the fact that we have a job in the first place.

Your workplace doesn’t have to be tedious, and if you follow these simple instructions then you’ll find that your days go by more quickly and you will feel fulfilled in what you do. Your performance will improve, and your boss will notice. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a raise or be rewarded as a result of your fresh, new attitude.

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