How to Look for a Job Online

How To Look For A Job Online

With the arrival of the internet, and the many benefits it offers, people have been increasingly relying on technology for everything: from shopping, socialising and file sharing, to streaming media and podcasting. One of the internet’s rising trends is online recruitment.

Attracted to its ease and speed, candidates are fast recognising the benefits of online recruitment and its ability to uncover potential opportunities, almost anywhere in the world. And with no restrictions on where jobs can be advertised, if you like the idea of relocating: you can. If you’d like to explore career options that you might not usually consider: you can.

From the most general type of job hunt to conducting a more specific online search, the rise of the Web means there is a lot of readily available employment content. Job boards, CV databases and online recruiters can all help you locate a job with a simple click of a button. But in order to boost your chances of finding a job online, you must learn and understand how to use online recruitment.

1. Sources of Vacancies:

One of your first ports of call should be the job boards. Advertising hundreds of thousands of vacancies on behalf of employers and recruiters, job boards cover nearly every type of role, including industry and geographic specific ones.

You can also use a popular search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, to look for a job online that matches your requirements. Also, think about employers you’d like to work for and visit their site to see if it has a careers page.

2. Online Resources:

Even if you don’t find the exact job you’re looking for at first, you could create an online CV and upload it to a number of CV databases. Whilst you’re there, also make sure to sign up for job alerts. These will notify you of new postings that meet your job criteria, such as location or keywords.

You can also sign up for RSS feeds on many job boards. Short for ‘really simple syndication’, RSS feeds are automated electronic information-sharing systems that provide content in an easy-to-read format. Similar to subscribing to a magazine, they are delivered to you periodically; and, instead of it coming into your mail box each month, it is delivered to your RSS reader every time your favourite website is updated.

3. Networking:

Social networking is another great way to increase your chances of finding a job online. It’s all about having a wide circle of contacts, recommendations and making sure your networks know you’re available. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming increasingly popular. By using these sites, you can connect directly with people in your industry in an area you wish to find employment.

LinkedIn in particular, is a powerful source used by employers worldwide on their search to find the best talent – so make sure you set up a profile. By increasing your online presence, you’ll increase your chances of finding jobs, people and business.

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