Starting The Executive Job Search

newspaper showing the title job marketIf you are looking for a job in the executive arena, it is important to tread carefully. Many of the rules that apply to the traditional job search do not apply in the executive world, and it is important for executive job seekers to understand these differences. It is also important to keep in mind that many of the best executive job opportunities are never advertised in the papers / recruitment websites, so networking is even more critical for those in search of the top positions.

Networking with others in your industry is an essential first step toward getting the executive job of your dreams. It is important to keep your network up to date and active by joining professional organisations, attending fundraisers and other charity events and working on projects with others in your industry niche. Attending professional development classes can be a big help as well – professional development courses help busy executives keep their skills up to date while providing a great new way to network with others in the industry.

Find the Right Executive Recruiter
When you are in search of an executive position the executive recruiter can be your best friend. These professionals are immersed in the world of executive recruiting, and these men and women will have the contacts you need to find the job of your dreams.

Of course, simply opening the Yellow Pages / searching Google and selecting the first executive recruiter you find is probably not the best way to go. Again, networking is essential, and networking with others in your field is the best way to find the recruiter who can lead you to those truly exceptional opportunities. It is important to choose a recruiter or headhunter who specialises in your own industry. A recruiter for the health care industry will not have developed the contacts you need to land a job in a technical field, for instance. Concentrating on executive recruiters and headhunters in your own industry will boost your chances for success.

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Join Professional Organisations
Another effective way to find those unadvertised executive positions is to join professional organisations. Putting yourself out there by working with others in your industry will increase your visibility and your perceived value in the marketplace. If you have left your membership in a professional organisation lapse, now is the perfect time to renew your membership and get to know others in your field.

Joining a professional organsation also provides the potential executive with the chance to attend a number of social functions, and those social functions provide excellent opportunities for networking with other professionals. Since the vast majority of executive level positions are filled through informal networks, joining a professional organisation and meeting others in your industry are some of the best ways to land the executive position you want and need.

Use Social Networks Selectively
Social networks can be good tools for landing executive positions, but it pays to be very selective in this arena. Simply throwing up a MySpace page or setting up a Twitter account probably will not do very much for your executive job search. Even so, these mainstream social networking sites can help you build your network, and that network can lead to a suitable position down the road.

But even though mainstream social networking sites can be a good way to start, there are sharper tools in the social networking drawer. Setting up a professional executive profile on a site designed for executives and other professionals can build your network further and get the attention of those who may have top positions to offer. Sites like LinkedIn can be very useful tools for all job seekers, including those with their sights set on the corner office.

Of course, it is important to make your executive CV and profile professional and polished. Never put anything on LinkedIn that you would not want the entire world to see. With the right approach you can use social networking tools as the foundation of your executive job search. Sites like LinkedIn can help you connect with others in your industry, from executive recruiters who specialise in your industry to business owners who need just the skills you bring to the table.

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