Example Job Rejection Letter

Example Job Rejection Letter

There may be occasions where you’ll need to reject an offer of employment. Rather than just ignoring the offer, you should write back to the company – detailing the reasons why you’re declining their offer. Remember, you will not want to burn any bridges and you may need the company in the future!

Your reason for declining an offer of employment could be down to a number of reasons – poor pay, long hours or maybe you’ve just changed your mind. However, do not mention any points like this – again, if you come across as being negative and then you apply for another job further down the line, your chances of progressing might be reduced.

Example job rejection letter:

Thank you for offering me the position of INSERT JOB TITLE with INSERT COMPANY NAME.

It was a difficult decision to make, but, I will have to decline your offer.

I was very impressed by your company’s goals and commitment to quality and service, and wish you and your colleagues continued success. I hope that we meet again in the future and thank you again for your consideration.

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