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Example job spec for a Customer Service Advisor at a well known UK bank:

customer service job spec

What skills would I need to demonstrate in my CV?

  • As with the majority of jobs, good communication skills are essential, but in a customer service role, it will be of even more importance as your communication style will go a long way to reflect your professionalism. A Customer Service Advisor will need to remain upbeat and positive at all times and able to control emotions such as sarcasm and impatience whilst concurrently demonstrating empathy towards customers
  • A Customer Service Advisor will need to be proactive in reacting to customer needs – demonstrating a willingness to, “go the extra mile” to ensure the delivery of first class customer service, coupled with drive and enthusiasm. This will also need you to be versatile and adapt quickly to changing requirements
  • Very often, sales skills will be needed in a customer service position. With the job spec shown above, as it is with a bank, there is a good chance you’ll be required to promote and sell bank products; such as savings, credit cards and insurance
  • In customer-facing roles, a good appearance and confident, friendly personality will be essential
  • As with a lot of jobs, you’ll no doubt come across unhappy customers. Therefore, your ability to demonstrate a sense of tact and diplomacy in sensitive situations will be important – as will being able to remain calm in sometimes high-pressure situations

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