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Discovering that you enjoy a job you took to get by financially is a good feeling. Just because you wouldn’t have accepted this job given other choices doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your job now.

Here are some tips for taking a new approach at work. Let your employer know that you are here to stay. Your actions will convey your decision to make this a long-term position.

1. Rethink your personal image. When you aren’t enthusiastic about a job, your personal image reflects this feeling. Spend some time thinking about how you dress and present yourself. Can you improve your body language and tone of voice? Can you smile more? If you were unhappy at this job until now, your personal image is a powerful way to change people’s minds.

2. Work ethic. Even if you have a strong work ethic, there is probably room for improvement now that you can add commitment to your other qualities. Even if you aren’t bent on moving ahead in this position, you can show your employer you have staying power. Think about small things like arriving at work a little earlier and big things like volunteering for special projects that will get your boss’s attention.

3. Building relationships. Your coworkers were always there waiting to reach out when you joined the company. Now that you’re committed, focus on forging new relationships that help you fit into the company culture. You will find new reasons to look forward to work each day because enjoying your work activities is only one aspect of job satisfaction.

4. Changing the perception of your boss. Beyond your personal image, you have probably done some damage in your relationship with your boss. If you focus on doing a good job and being positive, you can give your boss time to forget about your rough start. The next time your boss has to make a decision affecting your position, your new outlook will have a positive effect on your boss.

Your present job is the place you spend a lot of your time. Taking steps to enjoy your work at your current employer can make the forty-hour work week a wonderful experience. What will you do now that you want to keep this job you never thought you wanted?

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