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Power words / verbs are instrumental in the success of your CV. Ideally, you should aim to use some of these words at the beginning of bullet points. For example, we see many CVs with points such as “I was responsible for increasing sales through cold calling.” This would sound better with a power word starting the sentence, “Increased sales through cold calling”.


Accomplished, Achieved, Acquired, Acted, Adapted, Added, Adjusted, Administered, Advertised, Advised, Aided, Allocated, Amended, Analysed, Anticipated, Appointed, Appraised, Approved, Arranged, Ascertained, Assembled, Assigned, Assessed, Assisted, Attracted, Authorised

Balanced, Broadened, Budgeted, Built

Calculated, Capitalised, Captured, Catalogued, Centralised, Chaired, Changed, Collaborated, Collected, Combined, Commissioned, Communicated, Compared, Compiled, Completed, Composed, Conceived, Conceptualised, Condensed, Conducted, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Contracted, Contributed, Controlled, Converted, Convinced, Coordinated, Corrected, Created, Cultivated

Decided, Decreased, Deferred, Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Demonstrated, Designated, Designed, Developed, Devised, Directed, Discovered, Displayed, Distinguished, Distributed, Diversified, Documented, Doubled

Earned, Edited, Eliminated, Enabled, Encouraged, Enforced, Engaged, Engineered, Enhanced, Enlarged, Established, Evaluated, Examined, Exceeded, Executed, Exercised, Expanded, Extended, Extracted

Facilitated, Financed, Focused, Forecasted, Formed, Formulated, Founded, Fulfilled

Gained, Gathered, Generated, Guided

Handled, Headed

Identified, Illustrated, Implemented, Improved, Improvised, Increased, Influenced, Initiated, Innovated, Inspired, Instigated, Interfaced, Introduced, Invented, Invested, Investigated

Joined, Judged

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