Five Questions To Consider Before Accepting A Promotion

Congratulations on your offer of a promotion! If you’ve asked for time to think about the offer, reflect upon the many factors in your personal life that impact your decision.

Here are five questions to consider before accepting or rejecting your boss’ offer of a promotion:

1. Is this the type of position that will challenge me and contribute to my personal growth? Your answer depends on your present needs for professional development. Is this the job that will stimulate you or is it a job that will stress you out?

2. How will this promotion help me achieve my career objectives? People experience different phases in their career. If you are looking for a low-stress job or flexibility, the pressure of a promotion may not be right. If you want to get ahead in your career, remember that any promotion is not the solution. Don’t just accept a job for more money or a better title.

3. What type of salary and benefits should I negotiate before I accept this position? Accepting more responsibility may place you in a position to request more vacation and other perks. If benefits are not a factor, focus on salary negotiation. Choose a middle ground between what you want to make and what you can reasonably expect your employer to pay for that type of position.

4. Does my current position better fit my career objectives and my needs? One way of looking at this is to play the what-if game. What will make you happier? Another way to look at this issue is to decide if what you give up is not worth losing.

5. Am I ready? There may be other factors not outlined above that signify you are not ready for this promotion. If you place yourself in the position of accepting a promotion when you know it is the wrong time, you increase your chance of failure. You can’t see the future, but you can trust your instincts.

A promotion offers a great opportunity to advance your career. Make sure you are ready and you’ve weighed all of the factors before accepting your promotion.

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