Career Paths in Information Technology

Career Paths In Information Technology

it-jobsMundane tasks of fixing simple computer issues isn’t the only career path for information technology experts. Some information technology career paths allow you to work with data, security, and some of the most advanced technology available. Other job paths in information technology deal with software development and design. If you’re thinking about a career in information technology, consider the common career paths available.

Desktop Support
Desktop Support is the starting point for most information technology careers. A Desktop Support employee is responsible for fixing computers and upgrading software. Installing printers and cables are also a part of the job description. Most beginners start with a job in Desktop Support and find a favorite area in information technology in which to specialise.

Database Administrator
A Database Administrator (DBA) is a high paid career path in information technology. The database administrator is responsible for the company’s data security and integrity. Depending on the size of the organisation, a Database Administrator may manage one or several servers. These servers are an integral part of a network structure, so taking a career as a DBA is a demanding job. You are expected to watch server logs, keep the software up-to-date, maintain backups, and provide the organisation with disaster recovery plans. The Database Administrator commands a high salary, but the job is demanding and stressful. Most upgrades require the DBA to perform maintenance after normal business hours, keeping you at the office late at night.

Web Designer
A Web Designer is an information technology career path for those people who have a flair for graphics. Web designers have the least stressful career path. However, the web designer’s longevity at one company may be limited. A Web Designer’s responsibility is creating CSS layouts, logos, graphics, and providing the company with a branded website. Unless the company is constantly rebranding its website, the web designer may find himself without work. This career path is beneficial to people who prefer a constant change in environment. The Web Designer also works closely with the developers, so having some programming knowledge is beneficial.

Application Engineer
Application Engineers design the custom software created for internal corporate use. The career path of an Application Engineer encompasses web development and desktop software programming. An Application Engineer works with Project Managers and key business personnel to provide extensive usability and interaction with corporate data. With this career, you work directly with Database Administrators and Web Designers. A programming language of choice is usually a part of the career path. If you prefer Windows desktops, the best languages to learn are VB.NET or C#. Linux users need the knowledge of Java and PHP.

Network Administrator
The Network Administrator is an information technology career path that focuses on network topology and design. Many network administrators also maintain servers and desktops. For large companies, the Network Administrators are distinct from the desktop support team, and his duties are mainly router and server maintenance. The Network Administrator is also responsible for security of the network, providing strong firewall planning to prevent a breach. Many Network Administrators work long hours, and they are required to be available at all times. Maintenance periods are normally after-hours, so some weekends and late nights are expected.

All of these career paths are fulfilling jobs. The fun part of an information technology career is the opportunity to work with the latest in computer innovations. If you have no experience in the field, take some college classes, study for certifications, or install the software and hardware of interest at home. This career is fast-paced, interesting, and keeps you learning new technology every year.

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