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First Impressions Count!!

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re already aware that when it comes to getting that new job, first impressions count. If you have got past the CV screening process and have reached the interview stage, what steps can you take to ensure you present the best possible first impression?

  • Maintain eye contact – looking downwards makes you appear uninterested.
  • Avoid an arrogant, “I am better than you!” attitude.
  • Smile – people naturally react better to “happy” people.
  • Wait to be offered a chair – don’t just walk into the interview room and sit down.
  • Try and be spontaneous – don’t make it obvious that you’ve prepared answers to every question.
  • Speak clearly – keep your voice at one level, don’t speak too fast and avoid slang words.
  • Strong handshake – a weak handshake will portray a lack of confidence.
  • Maintain good energy levels – if you don’t demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job, you’ll decrease the chances of progressing.
  • Look at each Interviewer – if you’re in an interview with a panel in front of you, try and look at each Interviewer at some point.
  • Stay calm – if you make a mistake or get confused with a question, don’t worry, we’re all human!
  • Sit up straight – slouching in your chair will make you look lazy and uninterested.
  • …and the basics – dress appropriately, don’t chew gum, don’t smoke before the interview, don’t under / over dress. What should ladies wear for an interview?

According to research, recruiter’s impressions are made up of body language and image (70%), tone of voice (20%) and answers to questions (10%)…proving that actions speak louder than words!

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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