Careers That Let You Strike A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Careers That Let You Strike A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Most of us are keen to achieve the elusive work-life balance, but many careers do not easily lend themselves to this. If you frequently find that work is eating into your home life, it might be the ideal time to find a career that will achieve a better work-life balance. This often comes in the form of flexible working patterns. More companies are now advertising flexible working positions in an attempt to find applicants who would not otherwise apply. This makes it easier to find a job with a good work-life balance, as it is often a case of choosing the right employer within your sector of choice. This article offers some advice on choosing an employment path that can provide a healthy work-life balance.

Part-time Work

As part-time work does not involve putting in the same number of hours as a full-time position, it is an obvious option for anyone wanting to alter their work-life balance. The downside of this is the reduced pay in relation to full-time work. If you can afford to become a part-time employee and still be able to pay for all of your outgoings, it may be worth considering this option.


To many people, freelancing seems like the perfect career for striking a healthy work-life balance. This can be misleading though. In theory, being able to work from home should give you the freedom to work as and when you please, but this is often not the case for the majority of freelance workers. For many freelancers, being able to work from home simply means that work has even more of an opportunity to take over your free time, especially as it can be difficult to “switch off” from work fully when you are not physically leaving work behind in an office (or any other physical place of employment) at the end of a working day. Because of this, freelancing is not a career option that automatically results in a better work-life balance. It depends heavily on how easily you can separate your work life from your work.

While there is probably no set career that will definitely improve your work-life balance, there are working patterns (such as freelancing and part-time employment) that can be flexible enough to help you take steps in the right direction. If your current work-life balance is making you unhappy, changing your working patterns may be a good option, although there is no guarantee that this will have a positive impact on your work-life balance either.

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