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Many people who are aged 50 or over are reluctant to move roles or try for a new position because they believe their age will work against them. This is not true. The facts remain that if your CV clearly communicates how you have added value to an organisation you would be considered along with everyone else. It’s about how you sell yourself and what you have achieved that is important. There is also a lot to be said for experience and the reliability that more mature applicant will bring.

Anyhow, either way, an effectively polished CV will get you an interview – and this is the first hurdle. If you have never written a CV before or if your existing CV consists of one position which you have had for 30 years, now’s the time to modernise and update its look and contents.

Over the years the format of a CV has changed considerably and they have become more compelling to read, certainly much more concise and customised to particular roles. Start by filling in the gaps from your existing document, adding in the roles you have secured to bring it to present day. Re jig the format so it is in line with the current trend.

Remove all traces of job description paragraphs and replace with brief, concise sentences that outline your successes. Short sentences are designed so that the reader can skim read and get the gist of your ability.

Modern CVs are upbeat and list zero negativity. There is no need to relay how you left the position, your earnings or anything that a potential employer could make a decision about you, before they have met you. Contemporary documents also contain buzz words or strong statements that boast about the individual in question. They are also written in the third person.
Avoid mentioning age, race, religion or health status. The rules have changed and this information is irrelevant in any decision making process anyone may have.

Always include a cover letter that can be written a little less formally and can clearly identify specific achievements that directly relate to the position you are applying for. Again, this aids the person reading your application and ensures that their focus is immediately drawn to positive points that they can match up to their requirements.

Don’t forget all the other methods of sourcing jobs to apply for, along with on and offline media tools, being in your 50s means that you probably have a lot of connections, directly or through others… exercise these networking opportunities.

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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