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The role of an Estate Agent is client-facing – necessitating strong people skills, underpinned by proven communication, sales, marketing and negotiation skills. Many Estate Agents also gain exposure to auctioneering, leasing and property management.

When writing your CV, you’ll need to demonstrate your experience in all areas – this could encompass: property valuations, client liaison, property promotion, negotiations with buyers and conveyancing. You may also have experience in areas such as property management and the collection of rent.

As mentioned above, client liaison is a major aspect of an Estate Agent’s day-to-day functions. In addition to this, you’ll also be required to liaise daily with banks, building society, Solicitors and mortgage brokers. Again, showcase all experience you’ve gained in these areas.

Commercial awareness is another key aspect of becoming an Estate Agent – demonstrating a good ‘feel’ for both the national and local property markets. Alongside this, you’ll be expected to have strong organisation and time management skills.

Example of an Estate Agent’s CV

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Your questions:

What are the typical day-to-day duties of an Estate Agent?

An Estate Agent’s typical functions are split into valuation (looking at property conditions and applying local market expertise), and negotiation (on behalf of buyers and sellers) to achieve the best possible sale price for both parties. Commercial Estate Agents can specialise in business properties and Rural Estate Agents specialise in the purchase / sale of land.

Do I need any particular qualifications to become an Estate Agent?

No, there are no minimum entry level qualifications needed to become an Estate Agent. The majority of recruiters will be more interested in your skills and experience, rather than qualifications. Training is usually performed in-house.

One Response to CVs for Estate Agents

  1. EA says:

    I think Estate Agents need to be treated differently to normal salesmen – houses sell themselves. As long as the agent is likeable, friendly and approachable they will succeed.

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