Writing a Professional Actor / Actress CV

CV for actors and actressesBeing within the performing arts industry, means that invariably your “interviews” are more likely to take place in the form of an audition. It renders normal CVs defunct and in its place you are often required to provide a one sheet document, specifically for the use of casting agencies and in some cases to leave at auditions.

In association with your CV, you may link your portfolio to it. The portfolio provides evidence of the work you have completed and will take its shape most commonly, online. If hardcopies would be required, these can be in the form of posters or reviews etc. The CV itself should contain concise details of your work in chronological order only.

Your CV must include a photograph, quite different to a normal CV where upon you are advised strongly against providing one. In an actor’s case, the photograph should be of much higher quality than a passport photo. It’s likely you already have a professional semi-side on picture you can use. Place this at the head of your document in black and white if you are going for acting roles or for presenting roles, it is more common to choose a full length colour shot.

Personal details are automatically included, information such as height, build, hair colour, eye colour, accents and whether you can sing. Habitually, having details of your agent on your CV is common place if you have one. Links to industry specific sites are also a bonus. If you sing, be sure to list your styles.

Education is largely irrelevant, so you can eliminate formal secondary examinations; however, it’s important to highlight any additional stage/professional training you may have received. Once you have this recorded it can be utilised in a skills section, that at a glance will showcase roles you would be suitable for.

The body of your CV should list your experience; it pays to group together roles that would be associated with film/TV/theatre. Listing them in chronological order with minimal details will be fine. The year, the title of the production, the part you played, the company and its director will suffice.

Once you are happy with the information you have included, made certain there are no grammatical or spelling errors, you now have, your industries form of a CV. Break a leg!

With 20+ years of experience writing CVs, it still puts a smile on my face when I hear a client has secured an interview Lee Tonge - Founder and Director


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