Accountant CV Example / Help

What are the typical day-to-day responsibilities of an Accountant?

  • Maintaining accounting records and preparing accounts and management information
  • Preparing financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts
  • Offering expert advice in relation to tax issues
  • Assisting in the preparation of statutory accounts
  • Preparing profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports
  • Managing ad-hoc administrative functions
  • Establishing, maintaining, and coordinating the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures

What skills should I highlight in an Accountant’s CV?

  • Experience in preparing and reviewing budgets, revenue, expenses, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents
  • Proven success in being able to resolve accounting discrepancies
  • Knowledge of financial applications and accounting applications, such as Sage
  • Ability to analyse financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections

19 Responses to Accountant CV Example / Help

  1. Craig says:

    I have degree in criminology and sociology. I am looking for help in writing a CV towards a career in accountancy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I need a good CV for the post of Accountant

  3. meera says:

    hi, pls can you send me more then one accountant cv example to help me make my cv???

  4. Dinesh says:

    Hi, pls send me 2 or 3 sample c.v for the post of accountant to prepare myself my c.v

  5. sasi ck says:

    Culd u please email me a cv format for preparing a good cv to apply for the job. This is for a B.Com Graduate and having Master degree in Information Technology.

  6. Anisa Sharif says:

    Could you please send my a sample CV for accountant, graduated student who wish to apply for accountant position and also could you help me with writing a good CV for security, specially someone who hold a SIA licences. Many Thanks

  7. Reddy says:

    Hi please i need an sample accounting cv especially which suits the european companies reqirements. I am commerce graduate and finished my masters in business studies thanks.

  8. pap says:

    i am a young ghanaina graduate (HND)accountancy with the passion to succeed and excel in everything i do could you please help me with a suitable

  9. Bose Ak says:

    I am a B.S.C Holder in Accounting, i also have a diploma in Information Technology with a brief knowledge of the French language, since i took a course in French but did not finish, am a team leader, passionate about what i do. Mostly i believe in getting the job done, making things happen and do not believe in impossibilities. i want to prepare a cv that can show who i am without telling too much stories. Can u help?

  10. mo says:

    can someone please please please send me a template for an accountancy related cv. pleease

  11. Nancy says:

    Could you please send me a sample CV and Recover Letter for accountant , graduated student who wish to apply for accountant position.
    Waiting for your reply second by second!
    Thank you so much :X :X :X

  12. Madhuri says:


    Can someone please send me a sample CV for the post in Accountancy for a person with following qualification:
    Commerce Graduate : B.Com from Mumbai University
    Intermediate CA from Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants


  13. Meesha says:


  14. paul says:

    I am a qualified and experienced accountant recently retrenched. Though with a bitter taste in the mouth, I nevertheless have to look for another job. I find that on closer analysis my background does not quite support what I want to spend the rest of my life doing-basically getting into short-term (upto 18 months) engagements with organisations, imparting my skills and knowledge to small and medium sized enterprises, firefighting for organisations with finance and accounting difficulties, organisational development, risk identification and management etc. I find that in as much as I can get involved again with organisations as an employee, it has to be in senior management where I run the show (in so far as financial management is concerned at least). So…how do I structure my CV? Your thoughts please!

  15. CV Help | Blogger says:

    Let me include “Ability to analyse financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections” + implementing data into financial planning.

  16. Alex says:

    I am a graduate with an advanced diploma in accountancy (ADA), i am interested doing postgraduate diploma in scientific computuing course before pursuing Msc. in financial management.
    Advice please if am passsing the write direction.

  17. Noushad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am qualified and experience in the accounts field. Presently I am working one advertising company. I got nine years experience. Right now i am lookig for good opertunity. So I request you to send me some Accountat CV’s exmples for make new Cv. I have experiene in preparing monthly income report, preparing cheques, Payroll, petty cash, cash flow, reconcilation with bank statement, creditor/debtors reconsilation, follow up for payments, preparing balance sheet, year end audit work.

  18. Chaminda says:

    hi there,

    Could you please send me a sample CV and covering letter for a accountants position. I currently work as a Accountant, and I am part-qualified ACCA and ICA.I got 4 years experience.


  19. WSR says:


    I need a help from you’ll to have a quality cv. I’m a finalist of CMA & an undergraduate of a management studies in open university. I have more than 8 years experiance in deferent possitions such as audit trinee,accounts executive & accountant. looking forward your reply soon & highly apriciate your help.


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