Sample Resignation Letters

Example resignation letter 1:

Dear NAME,

Please accept this as notice of my resignation from my position as INSERT, with effect from DATE.

As detailed in my contract, I am happy to continue to work until DATE / for NUMBER OF WEEKS NOTICE PERIOD.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you as my JOB TITLE, as well as to my many friends and colleagues at COMPANY.

Yours sincerely,

Example resignation letter 2:

Dear NAME,

I am writing to formally inform you that I tender my resignation from the position of INSERT with effect from DATE.

I understand from my contract that I am required to work a INSERT notice period, meaning that my leaving date will be DATE.

I thank you for your support during my time with COMPANY NAME, which I have found enjoyable and fulfilling.

Yours sincerely,

If you have holiday entitlement owing, add a paragraph like this:

Could you please confirm to me any holiday entitlement that has not yet been taken, and whether you are willing to reduce my notice period to take this into account, or perhaps buy out this entitlement, retaining me until notice has been fully worked?

If you’re planning on quitting your job, read our ‘planning on quitting my job‘ post to help get prepared!

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