What To Do When You Lose Your Job

Regardless of who you are or what kind of work you do, losing your job is an incredible blow. The effects can be catastrophic, not only financially but also emotionally. When something so difficult and often unexpected takes place, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. Here are some tips on what to do when you lose to job – both to keep your spirits up and to get back to work.

Look for jobs

This is, of course, the most obvious thing you need to do when you lose your job. Your job search will probably occupy at least a few hours a day, and depending on the job you are looking for this can mean working on your CV and cover letter, or it can mean filling out applications.


“Network” is just fancy way to say meet people. Regardless of the type of job you are looking for, the more people you get to know, the more likely you are to meet someone who knows about a job opportunity that may be right for you. For you, networking may mean going to business conferences, making new contacts on social networking sites, or just attending social functions such as parties or church gatherings.

Pick up new transferable skills

The types of skills that will improve your chances of getting a job will vary depending on what kind of work you’re looking for. Maybe you could work on your typing skills or learn to use a new computer program such as Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks. Public libraries and community colleges often offer free or low cost classes in computer skills, and libraries usually have books detailing how to use different computer applications. Consider using online tutorials or books and educational DVDs from your local library or bookstore to improve your transferable skills.

Keep a regular schedule

If you got up at 6:30 every morning when you were working, keep getting up at 6:30. It may be hard to get out of bed when you have nowhere to go, but you’ll be more likely to be productive if you maintain your normal sleep patterns and schedule. After all, looking for a job is your new job, even if your new office is your kitchen table.

Get out of the house

Let’s face it; losing your job can be terrifying, stressful, and depressing. Sitting around the house all day, even if you are searching for jobs while you do it, is bound to add to your feelings of anxiety and depression. Make sure you get out of the house for a while every day, even if it’s just to head down to the local Starbucks or library to cruise the net for jobs.

Keep moving

Arguably the best natural way to improve your mood and keep your spirits high is to exercise. Whether it means going down to the gym, or just taking your dog on a long walk, make sure to get some exercise everyday to boost your energy and keep you feeling good during your job search.

lost job no salary increase

Feeling discouraged is natural for anyone who has lost a job; the important thing is to not let depression get in your way and keep you finding a new job. With these tips, along with patience, perseverance, and support from those you love, you are bound to get through this.

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