What Do The Colours Of Your Job Interview Clothes Say About You?

For many job seekers, selecting their interview clothes simply involves putting on a favourite outfit or the first set of clothes they see without wrinkles. However, there really is more involved than simply looking nice in a clean, pressed outfit. In addition to selecting professional attire, you should consider the colour of the clothes carefully.

The colours that you wear to a job interview send just as clear of a message as the words that you speak in response to the interviewer’s questions. Wearing the right colours can give an interviewee an advantage over other job applicants. What do the colours of your job interview clothes say about you? Here is a look at a few of the commonly chosen colours that people wear to job interviews.

Wearing White

While the colour white is not a good choice for the full outfit, it is a fine choice for a shirt or blouse. White offers a clean, crisp look that suggests simplicity, goodness, and cleanliness. Since white is difficult to keep clean, you can see why it might not be a good choice for a skirt and jacket or trousers and a shirt.

Wearing Blue
While light shades of blue are not good choices, darker hues of blue are perfect for job interviews. Navy and dark blue shades suggest that the individual wearing these colours is in control of their life. These colours symbolise stability, calm, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. Each of these qualities offers a positive message to prospective employers about the applicant.

Wearing Grey

Grey is one of the most frequently worn colours at job interviews. Wearing this colour suggests that the individual is focused on the job interview rather than on what they are wearing. The colour grey offers a nice touch of sophistication. It’s a great colour to select for your interview clothing.

Wearing Black

The colour black is seen as a colour that commands authority and attention. It can be a bit distracting, since it is such a dramatic colour. Therefore, men should use it sparingly, rather than create an entire outfit from it. Women, however, can probably wear black without any detrimental effect on the interview’s outcome.

Wearing Red

The colour red is such a powerful colour that it is best to avoid it for job interviews. This colour is typically associated with passion and power. People who wear red to a job interview are often perceived as having an aggressive personality. This is one colour that is best avoided.

Since the job market is so competitive and what you wear can influence the outcome of your interview, it is important to make your clothing selection carefully. Choose colours that present you in a positive light to better your chances of getting to the second interview. Conservative colours such as dark blue, gray, and black, in moderation, are the best options when selecting clothes for an important interview.

With unemployment so high, the competition for a job is so much fiercer today. Therefore, prospective employees should take every advantage they can get when going to a job interview. This includes choosing interview clothing carefully in order to present yourself in the best manner possible.

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