The Hidden Benefits Of Moonlighting

By now just about everyone in and out of the workforce is feeling the pinch of the current economic downturn. Everyone who drives is feeling the pain of higher petrol prices, but those higher oil prices are trickling down to every aspect of the consumer economy, affecting even those lucky enough to have adequate public transportation at their disposal. The resulting spikes in the cost of everything from food to heating oil has led many workers to take on second jobs to make ends meet and help maintain their standard of living.

If there is any good news in the current economic climate, the job picture may be the place. Many times in the past jobs were the first thing to go when the economy began to turn down, but at least so far the job outlook has held up fairly well. What has not held up as well have been salaries, and the stagnation of wages has also forced many people to seek additional income. With companies struggling to meet their earnings goals and margins continuing to shrink, the outlook for raises remains somewhat bleak. This is bad news for workers, of course, but it is good news for companies who rely on moonlighters to fill their open positions.

The good news for financially stretched workers is that moonlighting can be a very positive thing – and not just for economic reasons. There are many hidden benefits of taking on a second job, and many workers find that the additional income they take home is just one of the advantages.

Building a Better Network
One of the biggest benefits of taking on a second job is the opportunity to expand your network of colleagues and business associates. Every worker knows about the advantages of having a strong network in place when seeking a job, and taking on additional responsibility gives workers yet another opportunity to add to their network of contacts.

IF the economy continues to soften and more jobs are lost, the importance of such a network will continue to grow. Those workers who suddenly find themselves without their primary source of income can rely on the power of their expanded network to land a great new job. And of course the income from that second job can help to soften the blow of a sudden and unexpected job loss.

Expanding Opportunities
Taking a second job can also expand the opportunities for workers who have been stuck in a rut in their current careers. Many people who have been working for the same employer for many years can develop a sort of tunnel vision – unable to see beyond their own industry and their own role in the company. Taking on a new job can provide a fresh new perspective and introduce workers to a new industry.

Learning about a new industry can also provide workers with expanded opportunities for additional employment. Workers just may find that there are some excellent opportunities for full time work at the new company, and being on the inside is always a good thing. Many workers find that they enjoy their moonlighting position more than their day job, and some of those workers may find that moving on to a new company is a good idea. It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut, and sometimes a change of perspective can be quite refreshing.

The Learning Curve
Learning new skills has always been important, but keeping those job related skills up to date is even more important in times of economic stress. Those workers who possess much needed skills in high demand are typically the last to be laid off when companies cut back, so keeping those skills up to date can help to protect your main source of income.

There are of course many different ways to grow those skills and keep them up to date, but moonlighting can help you earn while you learn. If you are lucky enough to possess the right skills you may find that you have many different opportunities for additional employment. Taking on an additional nighttime or weekend job can help you use the skills you already have while at the same time building on those skills and adding to your skill base. Not only will you earn some much needed income but you will make yourself more competitive at your day job as well.

Enjoy a Rich Social Life
While we may not go to work to socialise, there is no doubt that many of our most important social relationships take place at the office and in the factory. In fact, this social interaction is so important that many recent retirees find themselves missing their daily conversations with coworkers and business associates. A second job can be a great place to make new friends and meet exciting new people.

Many people also find that the business climate at their second job is more relaxed, offering many more opportunities to interact with other people. Whether that second job is at the local factory, a traditional office or the corner grocery store, meeting new people is a great side benefit of a second job.

Get Paid to Work Out
Many people pay big bucks to work out at the gym, but there is a better way. Taking a second job at the local factory or plant is a great way get paid for a great workout. There are plenty of part time opportunities for hard working factory labourers; from unloading trucks to stocking shelves, there are many chances to combine a great workout with an improved wage slip.

So if you are in good shape and looking for a way to improve your physical and financial health, you may want to consider moonlighting at the local factory. A side benefit of this approach to moonlighting is that physically demanding jobs often pay better, so you can not only get a great workout but a highly rewarding payday as well.

So if you find yourself struggling in today’s economy, why not take those economic lemons and make some great tasting lemonade? You may find that the benefits of moonlighting goes far beyond the extra money in your pocket.

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