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Creating a video CV is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Done poorly, there is a good chance it could hinder your chances of getting an interview…and, at worse, embarrass you. You may have heard the story, (or even seen the video), of a student who filmed himself dancing and lifting weights.

Over the past 12 months, video CVs have gained a lot of exposure…and a lot of mixed reaction. Some people feel that video CVs allow them to showcase their personality better than they could in a paper-based CV; whereas others believe employers could discriminate against applicants much easier.

A video CV is typically used to supplement a paper-based CV and can be created using your own webcam and PC. Alternatively, you can pay professional companies to do the work for you. Consider placing a link to your video CV in your paper CV.

What should I say in a video CV?

You should start your video by introducing yourself and explaining your reason behind creating your video CV. Make sure there isn’t any background noise, (or music), and focus on why you would be a strong candidate and what benefits you can bring to the company. Develop your CV in the same way you would a story – a beginning, middle and end.

Should I upload my CV to Facebook?

It depends. Always avoid mixing your professional and personal life. If your social networking page has content that you wouldn’t want a potential recruiter to see, then, no.

How long should a video CV be?

As with a paper-based CV, your video CV shouldn’t go on too long. Around 2 – 5 minutes in length should be fine.

What should I wear in the video?

Dress exactly as you would in a proper interview situation.

Will a video CV save me from having to attend an interview?

Probably not. There aren’t too many companies who currently accept video CVs and those who do, will probably still want to interview you in person.


Once you’ve created your video CV, for a one-off fee of £29.99, we will host it on our website. Then, all you’ll need to do is email recruiters your unique URL (website address) and let your video do the talking! We could even customise your URL to provide links to your paper-based CV…and more! Contact us for more information.

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