Interview Bloopers

As with a CV, one mistake at interview stage can drastically reduce your chances of getting the job you’re applying for. Common interview errors include:

  • Rambling – lots of people talk more when they’re nervous. If you talk too much at the interview, it’ll become obvious you’re nervous and you may come across as lacking in confidence.
  • Lacking personality – it’s OK to be nervous, but you should still smile, and be friendly at the interview.
  • Complaining – don’t complaint about your previous jobs, colleagues…or anything!
  • Failure to seem interested – at the end of the interview, to demonstrate your interest in the job, ask what the next step will be…don’t just say goodbye and walk out. Another method of highlighting your interest is to ask questions at the end of the interview.
  • Displaying an apathetic attitude – although you may be applying for / have interviews for lots of other jobs, you don’t want to make that obvious during the interview.
  • Asking about salary / benefits etc. – this will make it seem that you’re only going for the job for the money. Ok, this may be the case, but you need to avoid portraying this image in the interview.
  • Sloppy preperation – if you’ve been asked to bring something with you to an interview (like a CV), don’t forget!
  • Not asking questions – when you’re asked, “do you have any questions?”, ask something. For help relating to this, visit our page on questions to ask in an interview.
  • ….and the basics: turning up to the interview late, your mobile rings during the interview and you’ve dressed inappropriately. For more basic interview mistakes, see our page on interview do’s and don’ts.


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