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School / college leavers and university graduates about to land their first job need to learn employment etiquette that could mean the difference between workplace success and failure. Accepted behaviour at school / college / university is not always appropriate in the office.

Some tips to help entry-level job seekers excel at their first job:

Dress Professionally: Dress one step above your station. Always appear slightly more pulled together than your co-workers and you will stand out.

No Trash Talking: Never engage in the inevitable office gossip. Walk away. Don’t put yourself in a position to be quoted trashing a colleague or boss.

Be On Time: This means every day. Most bosses have a close eye on the clock.

Beware Of Email Exchanges: Companies have every right to monitor internal email. Resist the urge to send messages to friends or surf the web on company time. Never trash a colleague or your boss, or refer to any confidential matters, on the email system.

Follow Through: If you promise to finish an assignment by a specific deadline, follow through even if it means staying late or working through lunch. Get the assignment finished and make sure it is perfect. During education, you can slack off and earn a grade of C instead of an A. In the workplace, you either pass or fail.

Keep Your Cool At After-Work Socialising: Don’t be the employee everyone is talking about Monday morning because you had too much to drink at Friday Happy Hour or at the company party. Stay sober and in control when out with co-workers. Also, remember that office romances can have disastrous endings. Avoid flings with co-workers.

Recognising the difference between appropriate behaviour at school / university and in the workplace can initially be confusing for entry-level job seekers getting their first jobs. By sticking to these employment rules, new hires will excel.

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