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CV / resume writing software can be purchased to create an automated CV / resume. These applications require you to simply input relevant details and the document is created for you, ready to print. However, we strongly advise against using such applications if you’re serious about applying for jobs.

CV writing applications usually come packed full of pre-written and generic phrases. When writing a CV, you should always try to focus on keywords, skill sets and achievements relevant to the job / industry you’re applying for. This is impossible using pre-written phrases.

Automated software will not be able to ask you questions about specific achievements in your career. This can lead to your CV being left bland, boring and lacking an individual touch.

Most applications will create a very standard and basic looking template. This can portray you, as a candidate, as lazy and uncreative – reducing the chance of you reaching the interview stage.

If you’re looking to create a functional CV, rather than the ‘usual’ chronological CV, you will have problems when using CV writing software as these are usually set to create chronological CVs only.

With so many different word processing applications available, you’ll often need various versions of your CV. For example, we create PDF and ASCII plain text CVs, among others. Automated software will often create just 1 file type and this may not be compatible with other software. We have also seen software that will create your CV but now allow you to save it onto your PC.

5 Responses to CV / resume writing software

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks – just subscribed to this blog find it very useful!

    Just a quick question though…are their any specific CV writing software programs that you’d recommend or should i just avoid them altogether?

  2. The CV Store says:

    Hi Peter,

    To be honest, we couldn’t give you a link to any specific software (search Google for more information).

    With regards to avoiding them altogether; this depends. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, (or similar word processing programs), then writing your own CV, using your own template is much better.

    Remember, once you’ve created your CV, you can always email us for a free review to find out how to improve it further!

  3. Hamid Najib says:

    am looking for a Resume Writing Software with Cover Letter which may suit best for my qualification and 15 plus years experience in Sales, marketing, indenting, import, and International Trading including export marketing . In One word I can describe my job as following:-

    (Sales and Marketing of Industrial Raw Materials, Chemicals, machinery, equipment, and plants)

    Best regards

    Hamid Najib

  4. Resume Builder says:

    Can you share any tips by which we can properly choose which resume writing software to choose? I mean are there any tell-tale signs of bad quality?

  5. Shaun Bowen says:

    I find there’s a lot of variation in preferred CV style and content depending what career you’re applying for. Plus don’t forget a lot of jobsearch websites will only allow a plain text or Word version to be uploaded.

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