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Five Ways To Unlimited Thinking

Written by Kathy Sanborn - Career Coach

Too often, we tend to think that other people have more skills and better luck than we do in life. We see others making their way to the podium of success -- with a big salary, satisfying work, and enjoyable relationships. The truth is they are no different from you, except perhaps in one important area: they practice unlimited thinking!

Unlimited thinking is about embracing your ability to achieve your desires. Limited thinking is the opposite: accepting destructive ideas that keep you from moving towards your goals with confidence. Let's take a look at the five ways to get rid of limited thinking.

Ignore the naysayers, and listen to your own wisdom. Avoid the people in your life who are quick to tell you "it can't be done." If the Wright brothers had listened to the negative comments of opinionated individuals, they might have stopped before they reached their dream of flight.

Keep tabs on your own thoughts, and change them if they aren't positive. If you catch yourself thinking that you'll never reach your goal, stop -- and modify that idea with something positive. Edison didn't let any pessimistic thinking stop him from working tirelessly to invent the electric light.

Allow your goals to be lofty ones. Let yourself strive for the ultimate of dreams, because to do anything else is to believe in your lack of ability to achieve it. Don't discount your daydreams as silly or superficial. If being a doctor is your goal, trust in your own capability to accomplish it.

Give yourself enough time to make it real. Your dreams may take longer than you want them to, but quitting too soon will not be the answer if the going gets rough. Anything worthwhile will take as long as it takes -- so hang in and stay the course if you truly desire to accomplish something.

If you reach a blockade, figure out how to overcome it. On your course to success, you'll be sure to see a few roadblocks in your way. How you handle those roadblocks will be a clue to your ultimate triumph. They called it "Disney's Folly," when Walt Disney was working on his dream of completing Disneyland. Despite the stumbling blocks that cropped up along the way, Disney steadfastly pursued his goal and created his timeless and unparalleled treasure. With unlimited thinking, you can, too!

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