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What experience do I need to demonstrate?

  • Managing teaching resources to facilitate best possible teaching
  • Organising and managing extra-curricular activities
  • Liaising with students, parents, colleagues and teaching authorities
  • Utilising tailored teaching methods to satisfy different requirements
  • Forging, maintaining and developing relationships with students and parents
  • Identifying students’ strengths / weaknesses – adapting teaching methods as appropriate

Teacher CV keywords

  • Preparing
  • Planning
  • Leading
  • Instructing
  • Writing
  • Organising
  • Supervising
  • Demonstrating
  • Listening
  • Evaluating
  • Encouraging
  • Facilitating
  • Assessing
  • Motivating
  • Communicating

Example teacher CV profile:

An accomplished English Teacher with in excess of 10 years demonstrated success teaching, motivating, and directing students while maintaining high interest and achievement. Articulate communicator able to effectively interact with diverse populations of students at varying levels of technical ability; maintaining liaison with students, parents and teaching professionals.

Example of a teacher CV:

To follow…

20 Responses to Teacher CV Example / Help

  1. Martin Tame says:

    I have a teaching CV – can I send this across to your for checking?

  2. Eibhlín O' Connor says:

    Hi there,

    Your CV tips are excellent! Thanks! I was wondering if I counld send you a copy of my CV also for a check? I’d really appreciate it!

  3. The CV Store says:

    Hi Eibhlin – sure, send it to enquiries@thecvstore.net and we’ll have a look through!

  4. princess says:

    hai i need a help to make an cv for my will of teaching i have to know how to make my cv would you help me? no expriance ok

  5. PABLO L. EULATIC, JR says:

    hello Im a teacher in the Philippines looking for a job abroad as teacher also. Pls help me to make my impressive and excellent resume. pls send that in my email.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. The CV Store says:

    Mona – sure; click on “contact us” and use either the email address of the form to upload your CV to us.

  7. Hamid Masoumi says:

    I,m a trained teacher in my country Iran.
    But i live in England in Sheffield city.
    i,m going to tech at school here and i need to make an CV for that.
    Thank you very much

  8. Naomi says:

    I am currently trying to write my cv.I am a business graduate with no teaching experience can you give me some advice at how I can get an impressive cv please?

  9. Samia Djelloul says:

    I worked several years in the retail industry, I am about to finish my study in teaching assistant course which is a complete change of career I need you to help me to redo my cv is it necessary to mention my previous career in retail whre I worked several years as manager
    Thank you
    I’ll appreciate your help

  10. shaji says:

    I am a biology teacher for middle class for the last 15 years in India , that is in govt: school in Kerala, last 3 years I am working as the head of the institution
    now i am in U.A.E , Please give me suggestion for making a CV

    Thanking you


  11. Karla - Mexico says:


    I’ve got little experience in teaching (3 years aprox). I do not have many qualifications:a diploma in teaching, the FCE (Cambridge), and a BA in marketing. I also worked for an American company for 5 years where I had to communicate by phone or e mail in English, daily.
    Would you please give some advise on how to make a cv interesting.


  12. taha says:

    thanks, it is a great idea. i wanna have a perfect cv. i am an english teacher as a foreign lamguage.

  13. Lavinia says:

    Hello. I’ve got some experience in teaching, three years,in different schools even International school (one year).I am a qualified teacher in Romania, my country.If it happens to know how to find the perfect CV for England, i will be happy.

  14. Alex says:

    Hi!! Im looking for a spanish teacher position in the UK, Im a qualified teacher in Argentina. Could I send you my CV to check if it´s right to get a teacher position in the UK??

  15. il sogno bruno says:

    Dear all,
    please I need emergent your help; I found a teacher job and the administration needs my C.V (subject of teaching)…
    please help me it’s very urgent because wednesday 28-07-2010 I should send them my C.V.
    Thanks a lot.

  16. Jasmine says:


    I am a newly certified young teacher. I have recently received my CELTA certificate and need to write a CV. I have never written one before and therefore need all the help that I can get. Will anyone PLEASE help me to write one??? Thank you soooo much in advance.

  17. Karyn says:

    Hi there I was wondering if you could please have a look at my cv as I think it is not good enough. I hve applied for a few teaching jobs and havent had any luck maybe it is my cv???

    Help please….

  18. Kasim says:


    I am a newly certified young teacher. I have recently received my B.Ed certificate and need to write a CV. I have never written one before and therefore need all the help that I can get. Will anyone PLEASE help me to write one??? Thank you soooo much in advance.

  19. Sam says:

    Do you offer a CV writing service for teachers? If so, please can you send me some information on what this service provides and the cost.

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