CVs for Hairdressers

Hairdressing is competitive and hierarchical industry. If you’re interested in this area, you’re probably already aware that the majority of hairdressers start out as a trainee where the pay is usually poor.

When writing your CV, you’ll need to demonstrate your creative side, together with experience of working with your hands, awareness of Health and Safety and, most importantly, exceptional communication and customer service skills. This is essential as you’ll be required to discuss with clients how they want their hair done, whilst also offering advice and suggestions.

As a Hairdresser, you’ll be expected to style, shampoo, cut, colour, perm, set and dry hair using a variety of products. Therefore, any experience you have in these areas should be included in your CV in a prominent position, such as your profile. You should also consider showcasing your commitment towards learning new hairdressing techniques and methods.

Hairdresser CV Example

Your questions:

What qualifications are needed for becoming a Hairdresser?

The entry level qualification is NVQ Level 1. You can then build from there, through to Level 4 – this is the highest level in the industry and is generally required for managerial level positions. On average, it takes around 3 years to fully qualify. During this period, you should be willing to work from the bottom rung of the ladder – this could involve basic tasks, such as sweeping the floor, washing hair and making drinks.

If you’re aged 16 – 24, you may be able to enroll on an apprenticeship. For more senior positions, you could also consider completion BTEC / HND and degrees in hairdressing and salon management.

Do you have to have a particular personality to become a Hairdresser?

In general, a Hairdresser needs to have an outgoing, chatty personality who demonstrates a genuine interest in their customers. You’ll need to be sociable, extrovert and confident and strive towards making customers happy.

What are the hours like for a Hairdresser?

Each salon will have different working hours. However, the job usually involves long hours and hard work. You’ll therefore need to be prepared for this.

What other careers are available in the health and beauty industry?

There are numerous jobs in the health and beauty industry – just a selection include: Acupuncturists, Aroma therapists, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Massage Therapists and Reflexologists.

7 Responses to CVs for Hairdressers

  1. Rumplestilskin says:


  2. Hairdressing is competitive and hierarchical industry.

  3. Mobile Hairdresser says:

    Working within a salon can be very competitive and often the most talented staff can be overlooked if they do not have a loud personality. Becoming a Mobile Hairdresser is a good way to have a fulfilling career whilst being your own boss

  4. little one big mind says:

    wanting to be a hairdresser at this time is bad because there are no jobs.. i am just starting at collage. so i need a job at a hairdressers.. i have worked at one before and because they wasnt professional they muddled up the staff and basically said see you later to me.. this wasnt good as it was my first insite to work. i am not happy. and even thinking of trying for a diffrent career..

  5. Emma says:

    I am looking for a hair stylist with at least 2 years in salon experance i am based in southend does any one no any one. many thanks emma

  6. cerianne says:

    i’m looking fore a job within hairdressing i have my NVQ level 1 in hairdressing already, but will be willing to start at the bottom and work my way up 2 the top looking for somewhere in cardiff.

  7. joanne says:

    i am a 41yr old woman who always wanted to do hairdressing had other jobs while my kids were young now my youngest has gone to full time school i am looking for apprenticeship but dont seem to be getting anywhere.

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